The Process

Audited & Curated Local Network

You can trust that behind your one local point of contact a hand-picked network of experts are at work to ensure we deliver our promises to you. Our team is further supported by selected local partners around the globe that are audited ongoing and curated centrally. This allows us to “punch above our weight”. Providing you with the expertise of a much larger organisation but at costs that make commercial sense.

Highly Experienced

With our highly experienced team based in the UK, USA, and mainland China we have the experience to read the commercial situation on your behalf and react accordingly. We provide the support locally on the ground, so you do not have to micromanage the processes, allowing you to focus on running other key aspects of your business. Our system also ensures you have one point of contact. You can be assured that we “own” all aspects of a project from start to finish.

Bespoke Solutions

Our clients dip in and out of all our services as they feel they need to. Allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their business. From product sourcing through to tailored specific campaigns, we work closely with you. Dovetailing into the areas of your business you need us to. Providing services and management reporting as you specify.

Flexible to Suit Your Cashflow

The forever changed business landscape means that the traditional touchpoints for manufacturer and distributor are no longer effective. Financially and logistically Procurace provides the alternative. At your specification we can work on part of a project or a whole campaign. Our flexible approach helps keep your Cashflows and P+L where you need them, ensuring your operating cash is deployed where you need it focussed quickly and effectively. We build consistency and integrity in the process, which aids in further reducing your risk when dealing with unfamiliar organisations or territories.

A People Business

At our heart we are a people business.
We have Key people in USA, UK, and regionally in the heartlands of industrial mainland China.
The core global Procurace team has been working together for many years building trust in the processes we have been using and refining over time.
We deliver a personal, hands on, service that you can trust to be agile and relevant. Just the facts and advice that you need when you need.

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