Expansion of Services – Our New Normal

Omni Innovations Update.

As a result of the economical and logistical conditions brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak, the team at Omni Innovations are announcing a permanent enhancement to our global services, called Procurace.

After a careful 3 month review it is the conclusion of the board of Omni Innovations (the company) that many aspects of the traditional sourcing and procurement business model will no longer be effective.

In these changing times, a reliance on email, WeChat, and zoom is just not going to get the job done! – Walter Zettwoch – VP North America.

The combination of new and future international travel complications; social distancing requirements; tradeshow logistical hurdles and a lack of sufficient attendance, as well as confusing and inadequately presented internet-based communications has severely curtailed the ability for customers and manufacturers to continue to work closely with each other. Furthermore, there is now increased financial risk as traditional management controls are becoming severely restricted. It is the Board’s view that this situation is not temporary and will forever change the business landscape of connecting East and West.

In response, Omni Innovations has invested substantially and expanded its services to ensure it can supplement, or replace, the “in-house” teams on both the distribution and manufacturing side of the global supply chain network. Omni Innovations is currently positioned to manage the duties previously undertaken by these expensive, dedicated “in-house” teams.

“These unprecedented times mean that dedicated factory sales and distributors “in-house” procurement teams are no longer cost effective. Yet the dilemma remains that with looming economic uncertainty it is still vital for both factory and distributor to seamlessly deal with one another. Professional outsourced services are a strong contender as a solution to this. Such services will allow businesses to keep innovating, buying, and selling to a high standard. Keeping their cost base lower and remaining agile enough to cope with further necessary changes.” – Stephen J Dandy – Managing Director – Omni Innovations UK.

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August 2020

OMNI Innovations – 公司动态更新
因应新常态 – 服务范围扩展

为因应COVID-19疫情蔓延对经济和物流状况所造成的影响,Omni Innovations 宣布针对全球业务进行永久性的提升。

经过Omni Innovations公司董事会3个月以来的密切关注和了解后得出结论,传统的开发和采购业务模式在许多方面将不再合效。

北美副总裁 Walter Zettwoch 表示:”在这样瞬息万变的时代,单单依靠电子邮件、微信和  Zoom 是没办法有效完成工作的。“


为此,Omni Innovations采取因应措施,进行大量投资并扩大服务范围,以确保公司在全球供应链中能补足及取代分销商和制造商的“内部”团队。Omni Innovations 目前能接手以往由这些昂贵的“内部”团队所处理的业务职责。

Omni Innovations UK 董事总经理 Stephen J Dandy 指出:“在这前所未有的时期,意味着工厂的专门销售和经销商的 “内部 “采购团队已经不再符合成本效益。然而两难的是,在经济不稳定的隐忧下,工厂和经销商之间的无缝对接仍然至关重要。专业的外包服务是解决此问题的有力选项,这种服务使企业能在维持高水平的情况下,继续保持创新、采购和销售。在降低基本价格的基础上,保有足够的灵活性,以进一步的应对新形势。“

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