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Local experts providing a global interface between manufacturing and distribution

What is Procurace?

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Procurace provide the global bridge that brings, and then holds, quality manufacturing and distribution together.
From the factory floor through to the hands of the end user.

On the ground services helping business mitigate the difficulties now present in their product sourcing and supply chain across the globe. Working between the Far East and the West, our clients benefit from one clear, local, point of contact with additional support from a global team that is centrally curated and audited.


Our Process

You focus on running your core business and maximising sales
We provide you a fast, flexible & cost effective alternative to sourcing and procurement.

Due to ongoing global restrictions, traditional procurement touchpoints are become increasingly prohibitive. Yet it remains fundamental for distributors and manufacturers to seamlessly deal with one another. Continuing to have a solid supply chain and a dedicated program for bringing the latest products to market.

Utilising our team of locally based professionals we are perfectively positioned to seamlessly take on the duties required to keep your business ahead and prepared. Helping you to take a more agile approach to the traditional long term fixed costs associated with Procurement and Supply

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Who we are

Procurace customers benefit from our extensive global experience and locally based audited partner network to help them maximise profits and remain agile. Procurace is part of Omni Innovations.

The Omni team originally began working with LED technology and have a track record of global successes included several “first to market” products, exclusive brands and bespoke white label arrangements. Our team has real “hands on” market expertise in the UK, North America, Europe, and the Far East. Consequently you can trust Procurace to help you navigate the processes and the subtleties that exist within the distributor to manufacturer relationship.

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